• About us

In response to consumer demand for high-performance of the receptors Duo Laboratories for their brand Duosat ® has worked to develop the evolution of receptors standard definition and high definition (HD), to be able to provide resources and multimedia devices full connectivity with high performance, all the modern technology, combined with unique designs. 
Duo laboratories is the manufacturer of receivers Free to Air satellite Duosat ® brand. In Duosat ®, customer satisfaction is our highest priority, through the use of innovative technology; we are able to offer a superior product, rich in features and functionality at a fair price. With the strategic partnership with sister companies that offer high quality products with compatible prices, which will ensure continuous succession and customer satisfaction in the future.

• Vision

Duo laboratories understands that success can only be completed by achieving total customer satisfaction. Duosat ® promises complete customer satisfaction through continuous research and product development along with support, lifetime guaranteed, and services to support our promise. We ask our customers to keep in mind that Duosat ® is a door always left open to opinions and suggestions of our customers.

• Third Party Software

Duo laboratories does not offer or endorse the use of third party software.
The use of third-party software may be illegal, damage your unit and may void the product warranty. Do not contact us asking about any illegal software. 
Our satellite receptors are designed and intended for legal use only. We will refuse to sell to any person or company that we believe intends to use our product illegally or sell our products for illegal purposes.

• Why Duosat®?

Duosat ® is the last frontier of digital media set top boxes in standard definition or high definition.  Internet connectivity  Unlike other, Duosat solution offers advanced network module wired or wireless in all receivers. 

• Marca

The brand comes with the expression DUO (double), and was the first manufacturer of receptors with dual tuners for greater efficiency and dynamism in the use by the end customer.

• Internet connectivity

Unlike other, Duosat solution offers advanced network module wired or wireless in all receptors. 

• Dual Tunner

Technology applied to low-cost standard definition receptor will not allow manipulation of two DVB tuners simultaneously. Thanks Duosat ® for high-tech incorporated by Duo laboratories experience will allow you to switch between two different tuners at the same time.
The configuration can be DVB-S or DVB -S2 depends only on the model.

• Time Machine ®

This function allows mount to stop rewinding or fast forward live programs input, just plug a flash disk, and allows you to pause and resume Hill to match anytime! 

• System exclusive Brand Gender

With this feature you do not need to separate the list of favorites, not wasting your time, we will do for you! All channels automatically separated by gender to be easy to navigate between channels. 

• Exclusive Automatic Parental Control

Do not worry about violent or adult channels, the exclusive parental control of Duosat receptors comes with an automatic sensor for the category of programs for those over 18 years old (can be disabled)

• Channel exclusive update

The channel changed original transponder?, Do not worry, the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) for all products Duosat automatically searches for the channel, moved to another transponder.

• Lifetime support 

Duo Laboratories ensures lifelong support for all Duosat products, unlike the others, Duosat will never stop giving support!

• We hear you!

Duo laboratories always heard you! Tell us your opinion.  We have a team ready to accompany your needs, you can suggest new features, and study the possibility of allowing the suggestion of new software. 

• You are the most important for us!!

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