Enjoy the portability because size isn’t synonymous of power!

Pocket Design

The Duosat Play was designed to encourage portability, take your stream player to anywhere, travel, friend’s houses or wherever you like to enjoy with friends the entertainment experience.

Codec HEVC (H.265)

With the newest H.265 codec, the image earns considerable improvement in relation to current technology's devices, powered with powerful exclusive video processor, enhancing your true colorful image experience.


Enjoy easier and faster access to your favorite media and entertainment, connecting your Duosat Play via wi-fi to other media devices. The streaming process was enhanced for a single media streaming experience in Full HD.


Experiencia envolvente única, gracias a la capacidad de reproducir contenidos en 3D del Duosat Play.

Hang behind your TV

It’s specially designed with an external seven segment display with access to remote control, just to surprise your friends with your television.

Turn Your TV into Smart Device

Transform normal TV on a smart device, just connecting your Duosat Play in a flash time!


Dual-Core Processor 730 MHZ, Flash Memory 16Gb



Suportting USB 2.0 Internet (LAN) 1 x RJ45


External Seven-Segment Display, OSD True-Colors


Dolby and Digital Dolby, Smart Control Volume, Sound Effects SRS, Dolby and MS11


Wi-Fi via USB (included) 150mbps DLNA, MIRACAST

Physical Specifications

Pocket-Size: 118.8 x 21 x 78.8 mm

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