Extraordinary Design

The renowned and prestigious Prodigy returns and is now ‘’ Prodigy S ’’. Returned with a completely transformed design, a luxurious art with an elegant texture. Its front design has a 2.2-inch TFT LCD screen, the first and so far the only device to have this feature in its range.

Total Control without RCU

As part of the design transformation, the Prodigy S has side buttons that allow you to have full control of your device without the need for remote control, you will not have to wait to find your RCU to start watching your programs. The Prodigy S is totally different from the others!

More Power, Greater Entertainment

As usual, Duosat is always characterized by having the best processors, therefore, the Prodigy S has an excellent processor to make every second of entertainment worthwhile. With quick and instant responses, Prodigy S was created to perfectly go with your daily rhythm.

H.265 Codec

The greatest strength of H. 265 is that it has a higher compression rate, which means that the H.265 can provide videos of higher quality and more compressed than the H.264 and the images gain a considerable improvement in relation to the results Of the current technological devices, the Prodigy S is powered by an exclusive extremely powerful video processor, which will allow you to truly improve your color image experience, as well as drastically reduce Internet consumption with Streaming content.

Connection Ports

In addition to the traditional connection ports that you already know, the great novelty that Prodigy S brings us is the incorporation of 3 tuners, of which two are to capture satellite signals and the third is to assist air or cable channels. More entertainment options!


Prodigy S, in addition to having a network Internet connection, also brings an integrated Wi-Fi, which is synonymous with comfort and practicality since the cables that often interfere with the aesthetics of the environment are no longer used.

Full HD

Full HD 1080p resolution offers amazing quality and clarity in the video and movie industry, and all kinds of digital content. With it you will have access to all kinds of high-definition content, not only those that come through the satellite, but all content that can be accessed from other sources such as the Internet, YouTube and other storage devices.


High Performance 32-bit RISC


Tuner: 2 Connect. In / Out: F-Type, IEC 169-24, Input Frequency: 950MHz ~ 2150MHz. Input Signal Level.-65dBm ~ 25dBm 75. Vertic: 13V, LNB Output: Horiz. + 18V, Current: max. 500 m. Frequency. 22KHz Tone DVB-S, DVB-S2. Demod: (QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK), CCM, VCM, and ACM. Input connector: 1 xF type, IEC 169-24, female. Input Frequency: 44-1002MHz. SMART Tuner: ISDB-T and Cable: Demo. Complete Segment ISDB-T, Annex B. ITU-T j.83


Video Decoding: MPEG-1, MPEG-2 MP@HL, MPEG-4 ASP. H.264, MPEG-2 MP@HL, HEVC/H.265. VC1, AVS/AVS+ HD Decoding


1 X USB 2.0 Host(Side)


DDR3 256Mb, Flash Memory 32MB


ETHERNET: 1X RJ45, WiFi 1XFemale RP-SMA (WLAN 11b/g/n Built in). HDMI Port 1X

Physical Specification

Size: 190mm x 44mm x 120mm (W x H x D)


MPEG Layer I/II/III, and MPEG-2 layer II playback. Dolby Digital

Power Supply

Type: External Adaptor, 12V DC 2A 50/60Hz

Power Supply:

Type: External Adaptor, 12V DC 2A 50/60Hz

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